134-S-091 Compact Screw Compressor

134-S-091 Compact Screw Compressor


In the field of refrigeration air conditioners, the focus on compressors is no longer limited to reliability and adaptability but will be more about other aspects such as efficiency, noise, easy installation and maintenance. Our Refcomp compressors have combined these merits and are committed to becoming the best.

Refcomp screw compressors for refrigeration air conditioners:

134-S - specially for R134a refrigerant, having total 14 models.

It features best configuration for different application such as in flooded and room/high temperature water source heat pumps and chiller units.

Product Features

  • Wide exhaust volume range and easy model selection
  • More flexible and applicable under different conditions
  • More compact structure
  • Outstanding cost performance and low energy consumption

Application Scope

134-S-091 Compact Screw Compressor

134-S Technical Parameter List