552kg Small Size Ice Storage (Side Ice Outlet)


Food processing
Fishery production
Meat processing
KA logistics

The ice storage is made up of inner plate and outer sealing plate, stainless steel, meeting hygiene requirement;
Between the inner and outer plates, it is injected with polyurethane foam, with the function of insulation, reinforcement and vibration damping;
Ice storage capacity, 2 types:  552kg and 1500kg;
Flange welding for the stainless steel plates, beautiful appearance. Boast the advantage of integrity, tightness and strength.
Compact structure, less land required. No need extra bracket for ice machine on the top.
Side ice outlet , easier to take out flake ice.
Water drain on the bottom, easy to clean.

Working conditions:
Power supply: international standard power supply
Standard working conditions: water supply temperature 16℃, ambient temperature 25℃
Applicable conditions: water supply temperature 0~35℃,  ambient temperature 5~40℃

Performance data:
Outside dimension: L1320*W1050*H1110 mm
Net weight: 150kg
Suggested ice machine model: F050A-F10A
Ice cart: no
Support bracket: no

Outside view: