Big Scale Brine Tank Type Block Ice Machine B600 (60Tons/Day)


Application Fields:
Ice Plant of Ports & Docks
Aquatic Products Chilled fresh-keeping
Long-distance transportation, aquatic product, food preservation
Using in cooling of the special fields
Ice sculpture ornamental use
Edible ice area

In the field of traditional ice production, generally using a similar piece of ice manufacturing equipment, SNOWKEY have main features:

  • Stable and energy saving system design
  • Unique and excellent technology of evaporator
  • Equipment maintenance convenient and simple
  • Experienced engineering installation and commissioning team

Standard Configurations:

  1. Special lifting equipment
  2. Reliable refrigeration unit
  3. Easy to take off the ice device
  4. High resistance to corrosion of the brine ice pool

Operating conditions
Power Requirements: International general standard of the whole system of electric power supply
Standard working conditions of ice production: water supply temperature 20 ℃, ambient temperature 33 ℃
Applicative operating mode, water temperature 0.5 ~ 35 ℃, ambient temperature  5 ~ 40 ℃
Special operating mode, water temperature 0.5 ~ 46 ℃, ambient temperature  -30 ~ 60 ℃
Ice Weight: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25 kg of five kinds of standard for options
Refrigerant: :R717, R22, R404A, R507A