Caterpillar Automatic Ice Storage



First In First Out. All the ice firstly enter the ice storage from the ice machine will be delivered out of the ice storage firstly, avoiding icing on the ice storage floor after long time using.

The caterpillar type belt inside the ice storage will move the ice continuously to the ice crushing device. Less contact with motion mechanism, meeting hygienic standard requirement.
Specially designed insulation layer, equipped with independent cooling system, keeping the temperature inside the ice storage -1~4℃。 Tube ice or plate ice, after long time storing, will keep the ice storage inner temperature -7~-15℃.
Heavy-duty industrial components. All the components are strictly selected, ensuring the equipment continuous running, longer life and less maintenance;
Ice storage floor sealed with silicon gel, ensuring long time using without water drop. Environment friendly and energy saving.
Industrial PLC and touch operation panel for the control system. Credible electrical components and safe design concept make sure continuous running even in extreme working conditions.
Ice storage capacity: 40~100 ton.