Containerized Water Chiller ICW120 (5T/Hour)


Application fields:
Industrial equipment cooling
Agricultural products processing
Concrete cooling

Product Features:
ISO standard 20ft container, easy to move
Special refrigeration system and electric system design, ensure stable running in atrocious working condition
Using world famous brand fittings, ensure the equipment in high quality and easy to do the maintenance
The water line has three cooling stage control, ensure energy-saving running. Each stage controls the water out temperature automatically, the final water out temperature can reach 0.5℃
1st stage and 2nd stage evaporator using high efficiency heat exchange pipe, ensure high performance and easy to clean and maintenance
3rd stage evaporator using immersion type heat exchange pipe, with air agitation system, having high freeze- proof property
Having water return mode, when water temperature inside the storage water tank is high, the water chiller will start up automatically to chill down the water to setting low temperature.
The product's specification model is complete to fulfill the deferent application fields.

Modular design, ensure the water chiller working high effectively and lower energy consumption.

Containerized Water Chiller ICW60 (2.5T Hour) 2

Service condition:
Power supply: standard international universal power supply
Standard working condition: water in temperature 46℃, ambient temperature 40℃
Refrigerant:R404A, R507A

Performance parameters:
Daily capacity:120T/d
Cold water flow:5m³/hr
Water out temperature:≦1℃
Necessary refrigeration capacity:259.6kW
Water precooling load:52.5kW
Installed refrigeration capacity:274.7kW
Coefficient of surplus:1.058
Total power consumption:64.7kW
Container specification:20ft
Suggested water tank volume:40m³
(Above parameters may change due to technical innovation.)