Fishery Production


In the process of fishing , fish preservation has always been attention. Fish putrefactive is much easier than animal meat, because fish tissue is soft, easy to produce enzymatic hydrolysis and cause microbial decay, the high temperature will rapidly accelerate the process.
No doubt freezing catches at sea is a good way, but it is hard to popularized because of limitation by the conditions of equipment. At present the main measure to store catches at sea is by ice-cold.
For big marine vessel , flake ice machine or slurry ice machine can be installed on board, making ice by the engine on the board when the vessel out of port. For small vessel, ice will be filled with the tank or hold of ship before out of port. Catches at sea will cover in ice regularly and tightly, and then evenly sprinkle a layer of ice on the surface of fish, following by this way as one layer of ice then one layer of fish until full of container or tank. This method can easily cool the catches at sea down to 0~1℃,moreover maintain freshness in 7-10 days. When the catches arrive at the terminal, or sent to store in blast freezer, or sold in the fish market, or processed in aquatic products processing factory, can maximum the economic benefits.


Snowkey devote the research for the past many years, develop seawater flake ice machine on board, slurry ice machine, fresh water flake ice machine on land, seawater flake ice machine on land, plate ice machine, block ice machine, seawater slurry ice machine on land, automatic ice storing and delivering machine, all complies with the requirements of different conditions and marine area.


Fishing port complete ice plant



Fishing port complete ice plant



Fishing port ice making system delivers ice to vessel



Fishing port ice making system delivers ice to port