Mine Cooling System


During the mining process, with the mining depth increasing and constant improvement of mechanization, more and more seriously affected by terrestrial heat and mechanical heat, heat hazard in mine becomes more and more outstanding. In the mine depth of below 500 meters the maximum temperature can reach 40 degrees, that is a serious threat to workers ' health and productivity. In accordance with the regulations, when the temperature reaches more than 37 degrees Celsius cooling measures must be taken.


Currently the common method to cool the temperature down is ventilation. But in the deep underground ventilating circuit is too long, that will reduce the air flow or prolong surrounding rock heating air flow time, which may result in heat hazard increased, and ventilation can only improve the situation of high temperature but can’t get the aim of cooling temperature.


Based on many years of experience in engineering project design, Snowkey develop the serial mine cooling equipment. The whole system consists of ice making system(flake ice, plate ice) on the ground, ice delivery system, ice melting system, cold delivery and cold expansion system underground. To build an ice plant nearby the vertical shaft of the mine, deliver the ice by screw delivery system to ice chute of vertical shaft (or send ice to ice chute by root blower, air cooling system and ice delivery pipe work). There is ice thawing tank in the mine underground, ice is sent to the ice thawing tank and melt into ice water, ice water is took out from the ice thawing tank, used to protect dust in the working area and spraying to cool down the temperature, that is the best way to cool down the working temperature in the mine and increase the working efficiency, make sure the personal safety of miner.