Nature CO2 Secondary Refrigerant Units



  • Refrigeration substance with high efficiency

NH3 has the best thermal properties at–35 deg Cas refrigerant. CO2 has great thermal properties and fluidity under low temp. NATURE compressor unit combines the two in a perfect way and has high efficiency.

  • Screw compressor with high efficiency

The compressor unit adopts the most advanced semi-hermetic 2-stage screw compressor technology and “MEI technology” from SRM equipped with high speed permanent magnet synchronous motor. The design is innovative and efficiency is high.

  • Highly efficient VSD technology

Compressors coupled with SVPWM control, which distributes torque properly, have improved efficiency.

  • Heat exchanger with high efficiency

The latest plate&shell heat exchangers from VAHTERUS, our global strategic partner has been used. The heat exchangers use specially shaped plate and compact design, which reduces the refrigerant charge significantly.;
Heat exchange through patterned plates with low fouling is highly efficient;
80% more space is saved compared to traditional shell- tube heat exchangers;
Round plate and shell design- stronger structure;
Fully welded plate bundle-no need for gaskets;
Unique design-resistant to heat and pressure impact;
Anti- explosive, anti- leaking, anti- corrosive;
Frozen proof, strong, reliable and never crack.

  • High speed VSD permanent magnet synchronous motor

High power factor, little copper loss, generally 10% more energy saving than standard  motors.

Clean and safe CO2 system

CO2 system is completely clean without refrigeration oil remnant. Its performance under low temperature is significantly better than traditional ammonia or Freon system. Temperature drops faster; operation time is lower; less electricity cost. Meanwhile, there is no refrigeration oil remnant in pipelines, air coolers or drainage pipes.

  • Precise control

Highly precise electrical actuated valves combined with unique PID control mode can adjust load faster and more precisely to improve efficiency further on.

  • Industrial grade reliable valve components

Compressor unit uses valves, filters, transmitters from internationally renowned companies to improve COP and achieve higher precision in control.



  • Natural working substance

CO2 comes from nature, toxic less, inflammable;

  • High standard design

High standard safety design for the continuous operation of CO2 system, such as bypass on high pressure side, double seat safety valve, vent design and etc.;

  • Smart and safe

Smart control system with a multitude of preventive safety protection and alarming functions;

  • Factory test guaranteed

Screw compressor units pass factory test in all performance range to assure reliability;

  • Reliable oil return

Refrigeration oil is only stored inside compressor units with multiple oil return protection. Except under maintenance, there is no need to add in more oil. It completely solves the oil leakage, oil supplement or oil collection problems of the traditional low temp system;

  • Tightly sealed

Integrated design of screw compressor and motor with reliable sealing to eliminate the risk of leakage.

  • Lower the risk of NH3 leakage

NH3 only exist inside the compressor unit, so the amount of charge is low.



  • Convenient control

One- button start, humanized UI, multi language support.

  • Dynamic tracking

Real- time monitoring, auto logging of operative parameters and failures.

  • Safety protection

Equipped with preventative safety protection system, no need for personal.

  • Remote communication

Compressor unit can do remote communication, such as remote control, diagnose and alarming.