NH3/CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Unit


NH3CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Unit2

Features of NH3/CO2 Cascade System

  • World leading SRMTEC ammonia screw compressor and CO2 screw compressor
  • SVPWM frequency conversion control, reasonable distributionof the motor rotation torque, improves the energy efficiency
  • Intelligent double frequency conversion control system can  control the compression ratio between the two stages, to keep the system operates economically
  • High efficient shell- and- plate heat exchanger has high heat exchange efficiency and compact structure
  • Adopts maintaining unit
  • Automatic oil return design, high pressure bypass self cycle design, safe and reliable.
  • Heat recovery design makes it fully utilize the energy
  • Multiple temperature zones design can meet refrigeration requirements of - 45 ℃ and  - 5 ℃ at the same time
  • Intelligent control system, one-key start, user-friendly interface, multilanguage option, real time monitoring and recording, remote communication, and etc. All this contributes to a convenient operation
  • Safety protection system makes it operate unattendedly
  • Modular design, compact structure and easy to transport and install, engineering period is short
  • All screw compressor units are tested before delivery to ensure product stability.
  • Only a small amount of refrigerant can meet the regular operation of the unit.


CO2 cascade system is a compound system, with CO2 as the refrigerant of low temperature stage, with other refrigerant in high temperature stage, which are two separate systems. The two stages are connected by the condensing evaporator, while the evaporator of the high temperature stage is also working as the condenser of the low temperature stage.

Technical Data Sheet of NH3/CO2 Cascade Refrigeration Unit