Oil Separator


We boast design and manufacturing qualification of Class I and Class II pressure vessels, and supply a variety of auxiliary pressure vessels independently designed and manufactured by our company, such as reservoirs, condensers, oil separator, economizer, three-in-one device (heat exchanger+ gas-liquid separator + reservoir) and evaporators, all with leading quality in China and comparable with international top brands. We won extensive applause in the trade shows in CHILLVENTA recently.
We passed ASME Joint Review in February 2013 and won the qualification to design and manufacture pressure vessels with ASME “U” and “UM” stencile. This qualification enables us to design auxiliary pressure vessels as required by ASME regulations, manufacture the same with ASME standard materials, entering most of the foreign markets around the world and competing with top international brands.
Most of our pressure vessel products have passed CE/PED certification, contributing to our entry into European Union market.

I. Auxiliary products of ice maker
1. Shell-and-tube condensers: shell-and-tube condensers can be divided into water cooling condensers and refrigerant cooling condensers, are used to cool the refrigerant and adopt quality and efficient heat exchange tubes;
2. Reservoir: reservoirs can be divided into horizontal and vertical types and are used to store refrigerant;
3. Gas-liquid separator: to separate gas and liquid in refrigerant;
4. Oil separator: to separate refrigerant and lubricant;
5. Three-in-one device (heat exchanger+ gas-liquid separator + reservoir): a vertical jacketed vessel earns its name of three-in-one vessel by combining a heat exchanger, a gas-liquid separator and a reservoir. It is arranged at the border of high pressure side and low pressure side, with the inner barrel at the low pressure side and the outer barrel at the high pressure side;
6. Oil cooler: it is generally tube-and-shell type and used to cool lubricant;
7. Flake ice evaporator: flake ice evaporators are mainly divided into dry evaporators, flooded evaporators and dimple jacket evaporators. Dry evaporators are our traditional products featuring complicated structure and small weight, are designed only by analysis design method rather than GB150.3 standard. Flooded evaporators are overall jacketed evaporators designed according to GB150.3 and features simple structure and large weight. Dimple jacket evaporator is our newly developed evaporator product and features smaller weight, less welding quantity, safer and more reliable structure compared with other two types of evaporators. Flooded evaporators and dimple jacket evaporators have unique structural features of our Company that beyond comparison by other products. Now we are applying for the patent of utility model.
8. Tube ice evaporator: the evaporator owns unique structure around the globe both in appearance and inner structure and is incomparable by other brands, with incomparable rigidity, cylindricity and ice making effect. Now we are applying for the patent of this utility model, along with those of ice flaker evaporator and fluidized-ice evaporator;
9. Fluidized-ice evaporator: similar to ice flaker evaporator and tube ice evaporator, our fluidized-ice evaporator is also unique.

II. Auxiliary Products of Industrial Refrigeration
1. Liquid tank (ammonia tank): generally horizontal type, mainly to store ammonia;
2. Auxiliary liquid receiver: also called siphon tank, to separate refrigerant carried by the return air of oil cooler and also used as liquid tank;
3. Ammonia liquid separator: horizontal and vertical type, to separate liquid ammonia carried by ammonia gas from evaporator to prevent liquid impact on the compressor caused by evasion of liquid ammonia;
4. Air separator: to separate and exhaust non-condensable gas from refrigerating system to improve refrigeration and safe operation;
5. Oil catcher (low-pressure oil catcher): to collect lubricant in ammonia liquid separator and other equipment, and return lubricant to the compressor in low pressure condition;
6. Low-pressure circulating barrel: to separate and store liquid carried in the return air from evaporator, and resupply the system with pressured liquid;
7. Emergency ammonia drainer: when the accident of refrigeration equipment happens, it connects the containers (such as liquid tank, evaporator) filled with large amount of liquid ammonia with emergency ammonia drainer by pipes, to drain liquid ammonia by opening liquid ammonia discharge valve of emergency ammonia drainer and tap-water valve, thus avoiding secondary accidents.

III. Auxiliary products of compressor unit
1. Oil separator: to reduce flow rate of ammonia gas compressed by the compressor and of lubricant carried and change flow direction so as to separate lubricant;
2. Oil cooler: to cool high-temperature lubricant compressed by the compressor, and return lubricant after reaching certain temperature to the compressor. As shell-and-tube heat exchange, the oil cooler is equipped with high-efficiency heat exchange tube;
3. Intercooler: to cool high-temperature refrigerant compressed by the compressor through working medium or water cooling. As shell-and-tube heat exchange, the intercooler is equipped with high-efficiency heat exchange tube.

IV. Auxiliary products of water-cooled chiller
1. Dry shell-and-tube evaporator: adopt high-quality and high-efficiency heat exchange tube;
2. Flooded evaporator: adopt high-quality and high-efficiency heat exchange tube.