Pigment Chemical Reactors Cooling System



During the production of Organic pigment, the action which aromatic amines reacts with nitrous acid (in strong acid) then turns into diazonium salt called diazotization.
Diazotization is to add a certain amount of water in the diazotized base, then add specific amount of hydrochloric acid, constantly stirring in the low temperature and slowly adding sodium nitrite, until diazotization finished.
Diazotized temperature is 5~10℃, in 10 minutes, if the action temperature is too high and the time is too short, diazotization will not approach a good result. The best way in this process is to add ice by manual or cool down the temperature by cold water to control the action temperature during the whole procedure.


The conventional method is to build a big block ice factory or purchase big block ice, crush ice by labor then add reactors. Due to the Limitation of big block ice manufacture technique and operation, pigment
Production is low effective, high energy cost and labor intensity.


Snowkey focus on the properties of procedure which chemical reactors cool the temperature down, specialize in research of big-scale flake ice making, storing and flexible pneumatic delivering system; the equipments have the advantages with compact dimension and high efficiency, can produce and store flake ice according to the schedule, the operation is completely automatic during the whole progress, low ice temperature and quick delivery speed will minimum the labor. At present has succeed in application of large amount of similar projects in domestic and overseas.