SRM-12 Open-Type Single-Stage Screw Compressor


SRM-12 Open-Type Single-Stage Screw Compressor

SRM open-type single-stage screw compressor has 6 series and 20 plus models, with exhaust volume of 215-10850 m³/h, suction temperature from -45 ℃ to +20 ℃, exhaust temperature from +45 ℃ to +100 ℃, applicable to various conventional refrigerants such as R717, R404A, R507A. Mutually independent 10%-100% stepless energy regulation and VI regulation, precise and independent positioning. The 30° design slope is applicable to vehicles like ships, to ensure operation of a high energy efficiency ratio under different working conditions.

Features of SRM open-type single-stage screw compressor:

  • 5+7 best gear ratio combo; SRM "i" patented molded line; high intensity, high energy efficiency, and low noises
  • The body is of high intensity, using nodular cast iron, with working pressure of up to 2.8 Mpa
  • The screw rotor is processed to micrometer precision with tight gearing, even stress and a long service life
  • High precision, low vibration and large refrigeration capacity
  • Shaft seal of super sealing performance, with SiC wear-resistant sealing surface, applicable to rotation speed of 10000 rpm
  • Precise and highly wear-resistant rolling bearing with a design service life of 80,000 h
  • Max 6000 rpm by virtue of new technology, greatly enhancing refrigeration capacity by 48%
  • World unique explosion-proof device for energy regulation cylinder
  • The screw rotor is manufactured with quality forged steel
  • Built-in suction check valves with low resistance to prevent lubricant backflow during downtime

Comparison of Exhaust Volumes of Open-type Single-stage Screw Compressors

SRM-12 Open-Type Single-Stage Screw Compressor1

SRM-12 Open-Type Single-Stage Screw Compressor2

Technical Data of SRM Open-type Single-Stage Screw Compressor

SRM-12 Open-Type Single-Stage Screw Compressor3