SRMP2V Open-Type Compound Two-Stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit


SRMP2V compound two-stage inverter screw compressor unit has 4 series and 12 models in total, with exhaust volume of 362-5084 m3/h, intake temperature from -65 ℃ to -10 ℃, exhaust temperature from +45 ℃ to +100 ℃, applicable to regular and common refrigerants such as R717, R404A, R507A, etc. The inverter system adopts advanced SVPWM vector control technology, effectively improving energy utilization rate. Besides, the single motor is adopted to directly drive stage I and II screws, with high efficiency, meeting refrigeration requirements, such as large temperature difference, large pressure ratio, high capacity, etc. The unit has high and low pressure levels well matched, can automatically adjust rotating speed based on working conditions, and features high efficiency and energy saving as well as low operation costs. It is the optimal choice of industrial refrigeration. The unit is equipped with: compressor, control center, high efficiency oil separator, economizer, oil cooler, large-capacity filter, pre-lubrication oil pump and automatic control valve.

Advantages of SRMP2V open-type compound two-stage inverter screw compressor unit

  • It features a full-automatic push-to-start and capability of auto analyzing and controlling operation conditions, historic data records and remote communication
  • With SVPWM vector frequency control, it can reasonably distribute motor rotational torque to improve energy efficiency and save up to 38 % energy under some load conditions
  • Maximum 5000 rpm by virtue of new technology, which boosts refrigeration capacity by 48 %
  • Adopt small oil pump rather than mechanical fuel pump for pre-lubrication, stable and power saving
  • With intermediate air replenishment by the compressor, sensible heat of high pressure liquid in the intermediate cooler is cooled down, making the high pressure liquid from the condenser achieve relatively large aftercooling degree and improving the system COP
  • Equipped with a muting device to ensure low noises, low vibration and stable operation
  • Provided with a preventive safety system
  • Integration of internally piloted valves for compactness and easy operation
  • Intelligent pressure ratio control unit for high- and low-pressure stage energy regulation and automatic control, ensuring coordination of two-stage movement
  • Low-pressure stage suction ports are located at the input shaft end and arranged axially towards the high-pressure stage; thus, the equipment body is stressed evenly.
  • Screw compressor units have undergone overall performance tests before shipping to ensure stable performance


Refrigeration Capacity of SRMP2V Open-type Compound Two-stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit


Technical Data Sheet of SRMP2V Open-Type Compound Two-Stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit