SRSP2V-1612 Semi-Hermetic Two-Stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit


SRSP2V-1612 semi-hermetic compound two-stage inverter screw compressor unit2

  1. It exclusively applies SRM patented technology "i" molded lines, with 5+7 teeth engaged, and features high precision and stable, large diameter of shaft, ensuring low noise and low vibration
  2. Semi-hermetic compound two-stage low-temperature screw compressor has permanent magnet motor integrated with compressor, compact in structure and efficient
  3. It initially adopts oil cooling for motor, which can significantly enlarge refrigeration capacity (3% more than that in return air cooling)
  4. Environmental protective refrigerant R717 is adopted, and refrigerants such as R410A, R404A and R507A can also apply
  5. Start cabinet is designed to be integrated with compressor, with simple circuits, small start operation losses and safer electrical control
  6. It features an intelligent control system, button start, user-friendly interactive interface, multiple languages available, real monitoring of operation status, historical data storage and recording, and remote communication
  7. There are ① stage energy regulation, ② stepless energy regulation and ③ independent or cooperative control of variable frequency regulation; high-pressure stage and low-pressure stage can achieve independent energy regulation respectively; thus, energy regulation is more precise
  8. The rotation speed may reach 5000 rpm by virtue of new technology, which extremely boosts refrigeration capacity
  9. The lubrication system achieves oil supply by differential pressure and operates stably, simply and reliably
  10. The unit is equipped with an economizer, improving the system COP. It is included with a preventive safety device system which allows unattended operation.
  11. Refrigerant: R717
  12. Design pressure: 2.8 MPa, and application temperature: evaporating temperature -55 ℃ and condensing temperature +40 ℃
  13. The unit is equipped with: compressor, start and control integrated cabinet, efficient oil separator, economizer, oil cooler, large-capacity filter, and automatic control valve.


Refrigeration capacity of SRSP2V semi-hermetic compound two-stage inverter screw compressor unit


Refrigeration Capacity of SRSP2V Semi-Hermetic Compound Two-Stage Inverter Screw Compressor Unit