Stainless Steel Ice Trolley


Consists of inner liner and outer plate cover, internal and external formed stainless steel plate, there is reinforced steel frame inside between inner liner and outer plate cover.
polyurethane foam insulated interlining, with the functions of isolation, reinforcement and damping.
The volume of Inner liner is around 180L( 750*490*490mm,) stainless steel inner liner is good for hygiene. The joint of stainless steel plates is fillet welding which can keep the surface in good look, and make sure the structural integrity, air-tightness, and strength.
Ice trolley handle with humanistic design is stable and reliable, ice trolley taking the ice under the ice bin can measure and limit the ice level, it is safe.
There is a pair of caster at the bottom of ice trolley, it is convenient to operate. Easy to clean because of drain at the bottom.

(Because of technology innovation, there maybe changes, if it is necessary, please contact our sales)