Surge Bin



Surge bin is composed of polyurethane insulation cabinet, ice bin, agitating mechanism, ice out screw, ice out gate and frame structure etc. The surge bin is mainly mounted with ice weighing hopper in the ice delivery system.
Surge bin can keep ice from melting even after long time storing.
If necessary, the surge bin can equip with air cooling system.
There have high-low level sensor and impeding level switch inside the ice bin. It makes the surge bin more safe and reliable.
The agitating mechanism can crush the bridging ice to make ice out smoothly.
It can set the weighing value to control the ice out screw running.
It can equip the surge bin with air cylinder which has build-in magnetic switch to control the opening of ice out gate, to make the ice weighing hopper doing high-precision weighing.



(Above parameters may change due to technical innovation.)