SW3L Screw Compressor

SW3L Screw Compressor



In the past decades, both industrial and commercial refrigeration have undergone massive changes.

The focus on compressors is no longer limited to reliability and adaptability but will be more about other aspects such as efficiency, noise, easy installation and maintenance. That's also the direction of our Refcomp refrigeration screw compressors and we will try our best to make it perfect.

For example, in the field of air conditioners, our compact screw compressors have been widely recognized in the market due to above advantages.

Based on successful R&D experience of the compact compressors, RenC0mp has developed a full series of semi-hermetic screw compressors, including a refrigeration screw compressor specially designed the refrigeration industry.

The full series adopts slide valves to regulate refrigerating capacity.

Product Features

  • Application scope;
  • High efficiency and low energy consumption;
  • Stable operation and low noises;
  • Easy for parallel use of compressor units.

Application Scope


SW Technical Parameter List

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