About Snowman

Fujian Snowman Co., Ltd., established in March 2000, is a high-tech enterprise integrating development, design, manufacture, sales, engineering installation and after-sales service for industrial refrigeration equipment, commercial refrigeration equipment, refrigeration and cold storage equipment and refrigeration systems as a whole. Located in the Minjiangkou Industrial Zone of Fujian Province, the Company now boasts 2 sites in Binhai and Liren, covering over 250 mu, and over 700 employees of which 300 employees are technicians. In Nov. 2011, the Company was successfully listed in SME board of Shenzhen Stock Exchange. (Stock code "002639", Stock abbreviation "Snowman Share").

Snowman Share is a world-renowned manufacturer and supplier of ice making equipment and system, ranking first for market share in global ice making equipment industry and occupying absolute leading position in manufacturing sector of industrial ice making equipment. To accelerate upgrade of own industry and strategic transition, Snowman Share actively implement industry merger and overseas merger. Snowman Share has now become the global industry leader in air conditioning refrigeration technology and one of the world-renowned manufacturers of compressors, in addition, the Company has also established a strategic cooperation with several famous foreign manufacturers for central air-conditioners through shares acquisition of Sweden OPCON (the originator of screw compressor) and assets acquisition of Italy RefComp Compressor (a world-renowned compressor brand) to master advanced core technology for design and production of high-end compressors and a complete product line of open screw compressors, semi-closed screw compressors and piston compressors. The Company is actively engaged in development of low grade energy utilization technology and cooperation with Sweden OPCON to develop and design advanced technology of power generation by screw expanders and fulfill the objective for recovery of waste gas and heat over 55 ℃ so as to be the first one to recover low grade heat source under 80 ℃.

With continuous attention paid to development and innovation of technologies, Snowman Share is developing to establish 6 technology R&D centers in the world which will provide development and technology supports for promotion of industrial refrigeration technology, commercial refrigeration technology, low grade energy utilization technology and environmental improvement technology; to establish two manufacture centers in China and Italy to provide solid foundation for transformation from technology to productivity by advanced machinery manufacturing equipment and fine management.

Ever since its establishment, Snowman Share adheres to the concepts of "Brand service, lean production, deepening technology and sustainable innovation" to continuously develop and grow, and become a manufacturing enterprise of advanced equipment with complete industry chain, advanced technology and first-class equipment, owning core technologies and world-renowned brand. In the future, Snowman will seize the opportunities to take compressor sector as the core business and industrial refrigeration, commercial refrigeration and cold-chain logistics product system as the main developing target, so that the Company will become a world-renowned manufacturing enterprise for refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.