Slurry Ice Machine For Sea Water On Land Using S50W (5ton/Day)


Slurry Ice Machine For Sea Water On Land Using S50W (5ton Day) 2

Fishery production
Meat processing
KA logistics
Fruit and vegetable preservation
Pipe cleaning
Cold storage energy engineering

Semi-hermetic ice maker, better visualization, easy to adjust , clean and maintain;
Ice maker, designed and manufactured as per pressure vessels standard, is safe and credible to use;
Larger evaporating surface, sufficient ice output;
Applicable to most sea area, brine concentration 0.25%~3.5%;
Higher evaporating temperature, efficient and energy saving;
Unique working process, higher credibility, and ice maker not liable to be frozen and stagnated;
Corrosion resistant components adopted to lengthen using life;
Compact structure, suitable for ship cabin and other narrow place;
Control panel is manufactured as per marine electric standard, safe and corrosion resistant;
Provide comprehensive solution as per application situation;
Automatic control, unattended operation.

Slurry Ice Machine For Sea Water On Land Using S50W (5ton Day) 3

Working conditions:
Power supply: international standard power supply
Standard working conditions: water supply temperature 16℃, ambient temperature 33℃
Applicable conditions: water supply temperature 0~35℃,  ambient temperature 5~40℃
Refrigerant: R404A, R507A

Performance Data:
Ice output:5000kg/d
Refrigeration capacity:9.4kW
Ice out temperature:-2℃
Condensing temperature:38℃
Evaporating termperature:-15℃
power consumption:3.8Kw
water pump:0.13kW
running electricity consumption:4.65kW
installation power:5.18kW
ice making water consumption:208l/h
ice making electricity consumption:22.3kW.h/t
ice outlet Ø:510mm,
outside dimension::L1420mm*W1200mm*H1500mm
ice making medium: brine, ice crystal rate: 40%
(The above technical data is subject to change without notice. Please contact the sales department for update.)