SRMP1-26 Open-Type Single-Stage Screw Compressor Unit (Constant Speed)


SRMP1-26 open-type single-stage screw compressor unit (constant speed) 2

SRMP1 single-stage screw compressor unit can be divided into 6 series and 21 models, with exhaust volume of 215-10850 m3/h, and application temperature scope: intake temperature from -45 ℃ to +20 ℃, exhaust temperature from +45 ℃ to +100 ℃. The unit is compact in structure, effectively reducing installation space, and features multi-point measurement and control, automatic and manual regulation of energy slide valve and VI slider; thus, it is energy-efficient and significantly reduces operating costs. It is applicable to refrigerants, such as R717, R22, R404A and R507A. The unit is equipped with: compressor, control center, high efficiency oil separator, economizer, oil cooler, large-capacity filter, pre-lubrication oil pump and automatic control valve. It features intelligent control and can complete system operation by one button.

Advantages of SRMP1 open-type single-stage fixed-frequency screw compressor unit

  • It features a full-automatic push-to-start and capability of auto analyzing and controlling operation conditions, historic data records and remote communication
  • Applicable to multiple starting methods, such as star-triangle, auto-transformer reduced voltage starting and soft start
  • 5+7 best gear ratio combo; SRM "i" type patented molded line; higher COP value than the similar
  • Adoption of a pre-lubrication differential pressure lubrication system with a small oil pump, which is stable and reliable
  • Via an economizer provided in it, sensible heat of high pressure liquid is absorbed, making the high pressure liquid from the condenser achieve higher aftercooling degree so as to improve COP of the system
  • Equipped with a muting device to ensure low noises, low vibration and stable operation
  • Provided with a preventive safety system
  • Integration of internally piloted valves for compactness and easy operation
  • Each screw compressor unit has undergone overall performance tests before shipping to ensure stable performance

SRMP1-12 Open-Type Single-Stage Screw Compressor Unit (Constant Speed) 3

Refrigeration Capacity of SRMP1 Open-type Single-stage Screw Compressor Unit (Constant Speed)

SRMP1-12 Open-Type Single-Stage Screw Compressor Unit (Constant Speed) 4

Technical Parameter List of SRMP1 Series Open-Type One-stage Screw Compressor Unit (Constant Speed)

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